Offshore Company Formation And Incorporation

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Offshore Company Formation
Europe Emirates Group provides company formation services for firms looking to expand into new geographies in more than 60 offshore and low-tax jurisdictions around the world. Curious? Read on to discover what Europe Emirates Group can do.

Offshore company formation and registration by jurisdictions, including some of the benefits, the company act and service providers.

Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands, Dominica, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Jersey, Nevis, Panama, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Vincent, Turk and Caicos

Included in our Full Package Offshore IBC
· Certificate of Incorporation
· Memorandum and Articles of Association
· Appointment of First Directors
· Board Resolution passed by the Company's Director
· Register of DirectorsRegister of Shareholders
· Nominee Shareholders and Directors (if desired)
· Registered Share Certificate
· Apostille (if needed)
· Company Stamp and Seal
· Bank Account Introduction
· Corporate Credit Cards
· Brokerage Account Introduction

Advantages of a Belize IBC
One of the major advantages of the Belizean IBC is the exemption from income tax, capital gains or transaction tax.
The jurisdiction is highly rated for its banking secrecy; corporations do not have to disclose beneficial ownership and Trusts need not disclose the names of their beneficiaries.

1. Anonymity
2. Exemption from Tax Legally
3. Very high Privacy Protection (with Nominee Director Service)
4. No Accounting (No Accountancy fees)
5. No Reporting
6. No Audits
7. Business can trade Globally
8. No Taxation on Income

Belize Offshore Company Features
Get a Belize Shelf Company quickly. Contact us and we will get it done for you.

A. Not subject to tax. The Belize IBC enjoys total exemption from all forms of taxation in Belize including stamp duty.

B. No exchange control. A Belize IBC may freely open and maintain any type of currency account.

C. No necessary audit requirements.

D. Speedy and simple incorporation. The IBC Registry routinely incorporates a Belize IBC within 24 hours of lodgement of the constitutive documents of the company together with the prescribed fee.

E. Confidentiality. Filing requirements are limited primarily to memorandum and articles of association, name of registered agent and address of registered office.

F. Bearer shares may be issued subject to registered agent/professional intermediary custody requirement.

G. Only one subscriber is required for incorporation.

H. The Belize IBC may have only one director. Directors can be corporate and need not be resident in the country.

I. Meetings of shareholders and/or directors may be held in any country at any time and may be attended by proxy.

J. Resolutions of members and/or directors may be passed without a meeting.

K. Shares can be issued without par value.

Advantages of a Nevis LLC
No taxes are imposed in Nevis Corporation upon income.

Nevis Limited Liability Company or Nevis LLC law offers superior asset protection to corporation law of other jurisdictions.

Nevis asset protection provisions are superior to other countries.

Nevis Corporation dividends or distributions which are not earned on the island are free from local tax.

Annual reports or financial returns are not required.

The corporation can own an offshore bank account for enhanced privacy.

Principle office and records for a Nevis Corporation may be located anywhere in the world.

Directors, Officers and Shareholders need not be citizens or residents of Nevis.

A corporation may act as Director and as Secretary.

Bearer shares are permitted with a Nevis Corporation.

Required Documents
(All Jurisdictions. Other documents Maybe required.)

To register the company you need:
Kindly supply the following documents for each Shareholder and Director:
1. Color copy of the passport photo / information page

2. Bank Reference Letter with whom relevant persons have banking relations with for at least 2 years and over.

3.Character Reference Letter from a Lawyer or CPA with whom relevant persons have a professional relation with for at least 2 years.

4. Copy of Utility bill showing place of residence.

Other jurisdictions available.