Nevis Offshore Business Corporation Formation

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Nevis Corporation

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Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance of 1984 (As Amended 2002)

1. The corporation’s principal office, company records, and meetings may be held or maintained outside of Nevis.

2. Shares may be registered or bearer.

3. The identity of beneficial owners and shareholders are not required to be filed in any public record or, except in the case of licensed companies, and government offices.
4. All shareholders and directors may act by unanimous consent, without a meeting and are allowed to issue proxies in writing.

5. No annual reports are required to be filed in the public records of Nevis.

Shares and Capital Requirements
There is no minimum or maximum number of shares issued.
Bearer shares must be held by a licensed custodian in Nevis.
Shares can be issued with or without par value;

IBC Taxation
Under the Nevis IBC legislation, all offshore companies are exempt from all taxes and stamp duties.

Nevis Limited Liability Company (LLC)
The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance was enacted in 1995 and offers strong asset protection to its members in the event that the LLC is sued. Section 20 of the said LLC Ordinance provides added protection to its members by stating that a case brought against the LLC and naming a member or manger is grounds for a dismissal.

As the scope of doing business is dynamic, some amendments were made to the Ordinance as recent as May 2015.

Offshore Company Providers

Associated Trustees Limited
Specialises in the formation and administration of Nevis international corporate structures and Nevis trust structures.

Beaumont Corporation Limited
Registration of Nevis companies, management and administration of companies after registration.

Cozier & Associates
Provides offshore services.

Daniel, Brantley & Associates
Provides company formation services.

Dixcart Management Nevis Limited
Advisers and consultants specialising in providing international trade, tax and investment advice.

Fidesco Trust Corporation
Nevis trusts and corporate services, business support services, financial agency services & other fiduciary services.

Global Management & Consultancy Corp
Offers company formation, trust formation, management and financial services.

Hamilton Trust Company (Nevis) Limited
Formed in 1997 to provide Nevis trust and corporate services, including Nevis company, in a personal environment.

Hamoron Services Ltd
Services include registering Trusts, IBC's and LLC's.

IFG Trust Services Inc
Services include the incorporation and management of Nevis offshore companies, establishment of Nevis offshore trusts.

JHT Law & Consultancy
Provides offshore financial and other services.

Liburd and Dash
Practice areas include; Banking and Private Clients, Conveyancing, Corporate and Commercial, Litigation, Matrimonial and Wills, Trusts and Estates.

Meridian Trust Company Limited
Provides trustee and co-trustee services, trust registration, formation of Nevis companies.

Mitcham & Benjamin Legal Services
Offshore services include the formation of Tax Free Corporations designed for efficient Asset Protection and Management.

Nevis International Trust Company Ltd
Provides trust, corporate and financial services. Also ofshore bank accounts.

Prestige Trust Company Ltd
Provides financial products and services to asset protection lawyers, Nevis trust companies, accountants, financial planners and a host of other financial professionals.

Southpac Trust Nevis Limited
Nevis offshore trusts, private banking services, asset placement, foreign corporations, limitedliability corporations, bank & insurance licenses.

Background Facts
Nevis is situated in the northern part of the Leeward Islands.

Population: 12,295 (2012 est.)
Capital: Charlestown
Dialing code: 869
Currency: East Caribbean dollar
Exchange control:
There are no exchange controls in Nevis.
Government: Parliamentary democracy, Federal monarchy
Official language: English Language
Legal System:
English Common law

Corporate Legislation Acts: (.PDF Downloads)
Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance of 1984 (As Amended 2002)