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Malta Private And International Banks

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Banking Act Cap. 371

About Malta

The economy is dependent on foreign trade, manufacturing, especially electronics and pharmaceuticals, tourism and financial services.

The financial business sector with financial services include banking, investment fund management, trust management, shipping and investment holding.

Malta has taken steps to enhance the competitiveness and soundness of a financial sector that is now about eight times the size of the economy.

The banking sector has weathered the European sovereign debt turmoil relatively well with no need for capital injections. Malta's offshore regime was discontinued in 1996.


Offers Expatriate and private banking.

APS Bank Ltd
APS Bank offers a wide range of financial services to both private and corporate customers.

BNF Bank plc
Offers financial and banking services.

Bank of Valletta International Ltd
International banking and wealth management services.

BAWAG Malta Bank Ltd
Private, international, investment and treasury services.

CommBank Europe Limited
Private and international business banking services.

Erste Bank (Malta) Limited
Private banking services.

FCM Bank Limited
General banking services.

Banking and trade finance services.

HSBC Bank Malta plc
Provides a comprehensive range of financial services, including commercial banking, merchant banking and capital markets, consumer finance, securities, investment and insurance.

IIG Bank (Malta) Ltd
Provides services to international and domestic clients, emphasising personal savings and international trade finance.

Izola Bank
International banking services.

Lombard Bank Malta p.l.c.
International banking and wealth management services.

Wealth management, savings and investment services.

NBG Bank Malta Limited
Provides corporate banking and services for high net worth clients.

Raiffeisen Malta Bank plc
Provides corporate banking and investment solutions.

Sparkasse Bank Malta plc
Offers international banking and wealth management services.

List of Malta trust service providers
Malta expat tax information

Background Facts
Malta is located in Southern Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily (Italy)

Population: 409,836 (2012 est.)
Capital: Valletta
Dialing code: 356
Currency: Euro
Exchange control:
Malta has no exchange controls
Official language: English Language, Maltese Language
Legal System:
Mixed legal system of English common law and civil law (based on the Roman and Napoleonic civil codes)

Bank Legislation:
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Banking Act Cap. 371
Summary of the Banking Act