Andorra International And Private Banks

Law regulating the financial system (27-11-1993)

About Andorra

Tourism, retail sales and finance are the main drivers of the Andorran economy.

Andorra still maintains an agricultural base despite the predominance of the service industry. It specialises in tobacco and livestock breeding.

Andorra's duty free shopping and low price levels attract tourists and businesses alike.

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Andorra Banc Agrícol Reig (Andbank)
Provide product and services in asset management , private banking, investment funds for worldwide customers.

Mora Banca
Asset Management Service, BIBM offers a personalised solution to customers with a significant volume of assets, requiring active and professional management for their financial assets.

Banc de Sabadell d'Andorra
Private and commercial banking, plus online banking and other services.

Credit Andorra
Personal and commercial private banking services and solutions.

Vall Banc
Offers banking, wealth management and fund services.

Background Facts
The Principality of Andorra is a small landlocked mountainous country sitting in the heart of the Pyrenees between France and Spain

Population: 85,082 (2012 est.)
Capital: Andorra la Vella
Dialing code: 376
Currency: Euro
Exchange control:
There are no exchange controls in Andorra.
Parliamentary democracy but retains co-principality heads of states
Official language: Catalan
Legal System:
Civil and customary law with canon (religious) law influences

Bank Legislation: (.PDF Downloads)
Law regulating the financial system (27-11-1993) Not official translation of the version in Catalan.