British Virgin Islands International Offshore Company Formation

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BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (As ammended in 2012)

1. Requires a minimum of only one shareholder, and one director all of which can be the same person.

2. The shareholders, directors and officers of a BVI Business Company may be individuals or corporations and of any nationality.

3. If a foreign Government or authority seizes Company shares, or any other interest in the Company in connection with nationalization, expropriation, confiscatory tax, other governmental charge or with a similar cause the Company or a shareholder may apply to the BVI court for an order that the Company disregard the seizure and continue to treat the person from whom the shares were seized as continuing to hold the shares.

4. There is no requirement of appointing local shareholder(s) and director(s) for British Virgin Island Companies.

5. The BVI incorporation documents do not carry the name or identity of any shareholder of director. The names or identities of these persons do not appear in any public record.

Shares and Capital Requirements
Shares can be issued with or without par value;
Shares may be issued in any recognizable currency or in more than one recognizable currency.

Shares may be paid up in cash or through the transfer of other assets or for other consideration.

The standard share capital is USD $50,000 or an equivalent in another recognizable currency.

The minimum paid in and issued capital may be one share which is fully paid.

IBC Taxation
BVI business company is exempted from all taxes.

Offshore Company Providers

Amicorp B.V.I. Limited
Forming and managing BVI-BC companies, trust formation and trustee services, company administration and corporate and secretarial services.

Appleby Corporate Services (BVI) Limited
Incorporation and administration of BVI companies. Also corporate services.

Captiva Global Ltd
Corporate services including company formation, limited partnership formation and corporate and individual directorships.

Citco B.V.I. Limited
Corporate and trust services.

Fidelity Corporate Services Ltd
Offers offshore incorporation, bank accounts, virtual office, mutual fund registration..

HB Corporate Services Limited
Corporate and legal services.

Harney Westwood and Riegels
Banking and Finance, Corporate and Commercial, Mutual Funds and Regulatory, Local Business, Property and Tax, Admiralty and Shipping.

Intershore Consult (BVI) Ltd
Incorporation of companies, corporate management services and trusts administration.

Price Demers & Co
Incorporation, company management and administration services for BVI business companies and international partnerships.

List of British Virgin Islands Offshore Banks
List of British Virgin Islands Offshore trust service providers

Background Facts
British Virgin Islands (BVI), is a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean to the east of Puerto Rico.

Population: 31,148 (2012 est.)
Capital: Road Town
Dialing code: 284
Currency: US dollar
Exchange control:
The British Virgin Islands have no exchange controls.
Overseas territory of the UK. Internal self-governing
Official language: English Language
Legal System:
English Common law

Corporate Legislation Acts: (.PDF Downloads)
BVI Business Companies Act, 2004 (As ammended in 2012)