Cook Islands International Company Formation

 Avarua below the Peaks of VolcanoAvarua below the Peaks of Volcano

International Companies Act 1981-1982 (2005 Consolidation)


1. Minmum director required is one.

2. Directors may be either a body corporate or a natural person and they may of any nationality and do not have to be resident in the Cook Islands.

3. Accounts need not be filed or audited unless the company holds an offshore banking or insurance licence.

4. There is no legal requirement to file shareholder details in the public registry either during incorporation of the company or in subsequent annual returns.

5. There is no requirement to hold annual general meetings.

Shares and Capital Requirements
Shares with or without voting rights and shares of no par value, freference shares and redeemable shares are allowed.
The minimum number of shareholders is one.
There are no minimum capital requirements.

IBC Taxation
International entities including International Companies are exempt from taxation.

Offshore Company Providers

Asiaciti Trust
Asiaciti Trust can incorporate or provide offshore companies from the jurisdictions that best suit our clients' needs.

Cook Islands Trust and Banking Corporation
Provides asset protection trusts, international trusts, legal, financial, banking and insurance services, formation of international companies, foreign companies, partnerships, LLCs, offshore banks, offshore insurance companies.

HSBC Trustee (Cook Islands) Limited
Providestrust and company administration services.

Ora Fiduciary (Cook Islands) Limited
Management, administrative, secretarial and banking services.

Portcullis TrustNet Group
Offers corporate, trustee and fund administration services to private individuals, institutions and professional advisers and their clients around the world.

Southpac Trust Limited
Provides trusts and corporate management services.

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Background Facts
The Cook Islands is located in Polynesia, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean, between French Polynesia to the east and Tonga to the west. It is an archipelago with 15 islands spread out over 2.2 million sq. km of ocean.

Population: 10,777 (2012 est.)
Capital: Avarua
Dialing code: 682
Currency: New Zealand dollar, Cook Islands dollar
Exchange control:
Exchange control is exercised only in respect of certain transactions in NZD.
Self-governing under Constitution, in free association with New Zealand
Official language: English (official), Maori
Legal System:
Common law similar to New Zealand common law

Corporate Legislation Acts: (.PDF Downloads)
International Companies Act 1981-1982 (2005 Consolidation)
Limited Liability Companies Act 2008