Is Renting A Car The Best Thing For Europe Vacation Travel?

There is no doubt that Europe is one of the top destinations for tourists and revelers around the world. However, as with any trip, the concept of transport is at the core of everything.

Given the option to choose between taking a taxi and a rental car, you would most likely make a dash for the former without giving it a second thought.

While it may seem cheaper and easier to take a cab, nothing beats the convenience of a self-drive rental car. In fact, some car rental companies go over and above as a means to beat competition.

There is a host of other advantages that car rentals offer over the taxis lining our streets. Before you jump into the nearest taxi, consider the following benefits that come with Europe Vacation car rental plans:

Group of people having fun at car trip around Europe

The need for privacy
Privacy is almost a basic need. You may not be too comfortable going about your holiday activities with a taxi driver sitting glumly in the drivers seat chewing noisily on some gum, or playing his music extremely loud or even having a smelly cab.

Cost effectiveness
Most tourists will make a beeline for taxis because they think this choice makes sense from an economic perspective. There is the general feeling that renting a car may be more costly than going for a taxi.

On the contrary, this belief is not entirely true. With many car rentals sprouting up everywhere, competition is high so they are forced to adjust their prices.

Some companies charge as low as €25 per day for their services. It is much cheaper to have the car to yourself for the whole day at less than €30. You can also take advantage of the discounts such companies offer from time to time.

If you are going to use the rented car for several days, it would be much cheaper than hiring a taxi. Besides, there is no need to hire a driver as you are capable of driving the vehicle yourself.

Family and roadtrips
If you are going on a trip to Europe, a cab is out of the question. It would be more convenient and easier for you and your family to board a plane and then rent a car upon arrival.

A cab would have serious effects on you, and especially if you have kids with you. They may not be able to cope with the fatigue that comes with long hours on the road.

Besides, a taxi may not have enough room in case your kids need to take a nap during the course of the journey. Instead, choose a spacious rental car that can accommodate the immediate needs of all the members of the family.

Family in rented car

Your safety
You will enjoy more safety in a self-driven rental car than a taxi especially if your destination is far from where you are staying. Taxi drivers are among the lowest paid employees you will come across.

Consequently, most do not need any provocation to get disgruntled. They may engage in reckless behavior, such as speeding or drunken driving. There is always the risk of putting your life on the line when you hire a taxi.

Some taxi drivers hardly enjoy any sleep as they may be engaged throughout the night. When you engage them in the day, they may not be in full control of their senses.

Your safety hangs in a balance if you happen to be driven by such drivers. There are also cases in which taxi drivers collude with crooks to rob and harm their passengers.

Renting a car in Europe or elsewhere, may help in ensuring your safety when on the move since they have tracking mechanisms which can be used to locate the car should anything go wrong. A taxi driver, on the other hand, may deliberately disable the tracking mechanism.

Large capacity for more friends or family
It may not be possible to take a taxi if you intend to go on a tour in Europe in groups of several people. Most taxis are small cars that may not accommodate more than three people.

If you are traveling to Europe together with your extended family as well as a horde of your noisy next door neighbors, approach a car rental company. They have a variety of large capacity vehicles to choose from.

You might take a van or an SUV depending on the size of the group. In addition to having the ability to accommodate more passengers, rentals can carry substantial luggage. Taxis may be limited to a few suitcases while rentals can have space for a bicycle and a traveler's bed.

Freedom to have more fun
Going for a car rental rather than a taxi gives you more freedom since you are in total control. You can drive at a comfortable speed and make stops when and where your fancy takes you.

You can park the vehicle and go for an impromptu swimming session – something you may not enjoy if you are being driven in a taxi. Although the taxi driver may put up with you, you won't be comfortable knowing that he would have preferred to be elsewhere.

You would be much better off taking rentals when traveling with your family. It will allow you to park on the side of the road in a quite countryside to have a family meeting or grab a quick selfie. You may also change course freely in order to take the children where they want.

Friends having fun on a trip in a rental car

Travel in style for that special occasions
Since all taxis are the same, it may not be possible to have one for a special occasion. Although you may decorate it with balloons and flowers, it still remains a taxi.

If you don't have a personal car, take a rental because they have different vehicles for different occasions, inluding luxury cars for rent. Vans, buses, SUVs – all will be at your disposal to pick and choose as you like. When you approach a car rental company, the staff will be more than willing to assist you in selecting the best vehicle for your occasion.

Save some money while on vacay
You may never quite tell how much it is going to cost you if you chose the taxi. You can't quite rule out the possibility of emergencies, such as feeling nauseated along the way. When this happens, you will have to stop the vehicle and take a breath of fresh air. Such a luxury may be too costly in a taxi since more time means more money to the taxi driver.

With a rental car, you can do almost anything you wish along the way without interfering with the cost of the vacation. Most car rentals charge by the day so it is easy to factor in the cost of transport in your budget.

Travel luxury class
Car rental companies strive to keep up with the trends by acquiring the latest luxury vehicles as well. Visit any rental company near you and you will be treated to an array of several top-of-the range models flamboyantly displayed for your viewing.

What is more, you get to choose your preferred brand. You will earn respect among your peers as you arrive at your destination, whether it is in Paris or Rome, in a classic brand new rental SUV or a luxury sedan.

Luxury car

Serves as a test drive
Car rentals are the perfect opportunity to test-drive that vehicle you intend to buy. This is because it gives a good idea on how the vehicle behaves under different circumstances – something you may miss out on if you rely on the limited test afforded by your car dealer.

The dealer may only allow you to drive a few kilometers along a perfectly tarmacked road. This may not be enough to help you gauge the strength of the vehicle. However, you can drive your family across Europe in the car or van you plan to buy and watch the beast handle the curves and bends. You are basically experiencing it firsthand and therefore, won't be carried away by exaggerated advertisements.

Improve your driving skills - Don't be afraid to drive in a new city
All that matters is that you are a licensed driver. It would not make any sense hiring another driver in the name of a taxi. Granted, you may not be familiar with all the nooks and crannies of the big cities, like London or Paris, but still you can drive. All you need is confidence in your driving abilities. In any case, if you have a long history of driving through the gridlock in Manhattan, Paris wouldn't be any more different.

In fact, most rental cars are fitted with navigation systems that will easily guide you around most cities around the world.

Taxi drivers are also using the same facilities so they don't offer you anything new unless you are too nervous about driving in unfamiliar places. On the other hand, if you like adventure and excitement you can pull out a printed map and have fun finding your way through Europe.

Car rentals are the ideal choice for the sassy, streetwise vacationer. However, remember not to over-indulge. If the journey is too long, you can let another competent member of the group take the wheel while you rest.