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Liechtenstein is located in Western Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and by Austria to the east.
It is the smallest German-speaking country in the world.

It is a constitutional monarchy divided into 11 municipalities. Its capital is Vaduz. Much of Liechtenstein's terrain is mountainous, making it a winter sports destination.

The Liechtenstein economy is widely diversified with a large number of small businesses.

Despite its limited natural resources, Liechtenstein is one of the few countries in the world with more registered companies than citizens; it has developed into a prosperous, highly industrialized, free-enterprise economy, and boasts a financial service sector as well as a living standard which compares favourably to those of the urban areas of Liechtenstein's large European neighbours.

Relatively low business taxes—the maximum tax rate is 20% - as well as easy rules of incorporation have induced about 73,700 holding (or so-called 'letter box') companies to establish nominal offices in Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein also generates revenue from the establishment of stiftungs ("foundations"), which are financial entities created to increase the privacy of nonresident foreigners' financial holdings. The foundation is registered in the name of a Liechtensteiner, often a lawyer.

purchasing power parity -
$4.16 billion (2007 est.)
GDP - per capita: $118,000 (2007 est.)

Swiss francs (CHF) per US dollar - 1.0774 (2008 est.), 1.1973 (2007), 1.2539 (2006), 1.2452 (2005), 1.2435 (2004)

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The main taxes are levied on personal income, business income, and principal. Personal income tax rates are determined by taxable income and taxable wealth.

Some incorporation
Liechtenstein Anstalt company is considered an excellent corporate vehicle for international trading because it can house international tax-exempt profits.
100% foreign ownership is allowed.
minimum of one director and one shareholder is required for Liechtenstein company formation.
corporate directors are not permitted.
an export-orientated Liechtenstein company can obtain value added tax (VAT) refunds on goods and services purchased since Liechtenstein law exempts foreign transactions from tax.

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