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Liechtenstein offshore banks
The Principality of Liechtenstein has gone through economic and cultural development in the last 40 years like no other Western country. In this short period of time Liechtenstein developed from mainly an agricultural state to one of the most highly industrialized countries in the world.
Liechtenstein offshore banks
Financial Market Authority (FMA)
Phone: +423 236 73 73
Liechtenstein offshore banks

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Bank Frick & Co. AG
Bank Frick & Co. Ltd., recognised centre of asset management.

Bank Alpinum
Financial planning, estate planning, portfolio management, trusts and corporations

Bank von Ernst AG

Bank von Ernst & Co Ltd has transformed itself from a private bank catering to prestigious Bernese families into an institution with global links.

Bank Vontobel (Liechtenstein) AG

Private banking, investment banking, institutional asset management and investment funds.

Centrum Bank AG

CENTRUM BANKbusiness is private banking. The bank concentrates wholly on its core competence: providing advice to clients and looking after their assets.

LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG

Offer international clientele the highest levels of confidentiality, stability, asset protection .

Liechtenstein Landesbank
The LLB Group currently comprises five wholly-owned operative subsidiaries and three minority participations.

Neue Bank AG
Provide private banking services.

Raiffeisen Bank (Liechtenstein)

Provides private banking services.

Serica Bank AG
Offers Portfolio Management,  Asset Management, Investment Advice and other offshore services.

swissfirst Bank (Liechtenstein) AG

Combines Swiss tradition of private banking with the Liechtenstein financial centre expertise.

Verwaltungs- und Privat-Bank AG

Private bankng services.

Volksbank AG

Provides private and retail banking services for personal and corporate customers.


GDP: purchasing power parity $4.16 billion (2007 est.)
per capita
$118,000 (2007 est.)
Services: Financial, tourism.
Agriculture: Wheat, barley, corn,
potatoes, livestock, dairy products.
Electronics, metal manufacturing, textiles, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, food products, precision instruments
Currency:Swiss Franc (CHF)

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1. Liechtenstein Tourism
Official website of the
Liechtenstein Tourism.

2. Liechtenstein Portal
The official portal of the Principality of Liechtenstein.

3. Liechtenstein Pages
Everything about including art and culture, hotel , jobs, schools, sports, shopping real estate, law. Also you will find companies and institutions from Liechtenstein exclusively.

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