International Hedge funds

International hedge funds
What are hedge funds?
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) gives this description:

Like mutual funds, hedge funds pool investors' money and invest those funds in financial instruments in an effort to make a positive return.

However, unlike mutual funds, hedge funds are not registered with the SEC. This means that hedge funds are subject to very few regulatory controls.

In addition, many hedge fund managers are not required to register with the SEC and therefore are not subject to regular SEC oversight.

Because of this lack of regulatory oversight, hedge funds historically have been available to accredited investors and large institutions, and have limited their investors through high investment minimums (e.g., $1 million).

Many hedge funds seek to profit in all kinds of markets by pursuing leveraging and other speculative investment practices that may increase the risk of investment loss.

What are "funds of hedge funds?"
A fund of hedge funds is a relatively new fund product. Rather than investing in individual securities, a fund of hedge funds invests in several hedge funds.

Some funds of hedge funds register their securities with the SEC. These funds of hedge funds must provide investors with a prospectus and must file semi-annual reports with the SEC.

List Of Hedge Fund Managers

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC
Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is an international asset management company with over 20 offices and over 1000 staff worldwide. We manage over £22.90 billion of assets for institutions and private investors across the world.

Arrow Hedge Partners International Inc
Arrow Hedge Partners International Inc (formerly known as Altus Hedge Partners International, BPI International Funds Management Inc.) is a Barbados corporation exclusively dedicated to managing and sponsoring a select group of hedge funds internationally.

FMG Fund Managers Limited
Founded in 1989 as a Bermuda company, FMG has been selecting the world's leading money managers and offering institutions and private investors a simple, effective and low-risk way to invest with them.

Foord International
Founded the in 1981 focused purely on investment management. Concentrates on portfolio management and client service.

Franklin Templeton
Franklin Resource, Inc. is a global investment management company operating as Franklin Templeton Investment. The headquarters are located just south of San Francisco, in San Mateo, California. Provides investment management, distribution and shareholder services to Franklin, Templeton, and Mutual Series mutual funds and private accounts.

Friends Provident
Founded in 1832 in Yorkshire, England, and it was one of the first companies to provide life insurance and other related products to private individuals. The Friends Provident Group has £37 billion under management.

Janus Henderson Investors
Janus Henderson Investors is a global active asset manager.

FTC Capital
FTC Capital is an approved and regulated Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). They offer fund management and private wealth management, based on systematic, quantitative investment strategies.

Ingenious Asset Management

Ingenious Asset Management is the asset management division of Ingenious Media plc, which designs and creates innovative investment products for private individuals.

Infiniti Capital AG
Infiniti Capital is a premium wealth management solution that aims to provide both private and institutional clients with attractive consistent absolute returns in all market conditions.