High Risk Offshore Merchant Account With Chargeback Management
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Do you know you can pay for flights and hotels with Bitcoins?

If you're a high risk merchant, one of the things you have to be concerned about is chargeback.

Chargeback basically is the reversal of a credit or debit card payment.

High risk merchants have to be aware of chargeback fraud, which can cost them a lot of lost revenue.

What is chargeback fraud? This happens when a consumer makes an online credit card purchase and then requests a chargeback from the issuing bank after receiving the purchased goods or services.

High Risk Chargeback Management

Our team will work with you to the help manage chargebacks.

How do we do this? Once your have a high risk merchant account with our global payments processing and gateway service provider they will help you combat the fraudulent abuse of chargebacks in real-time.

You will be able to open a direct line of communication with issuers and stop disputes before they’re even filed.

For disputes that do go through, automate meaningful actions that save you fees and lost revenue.

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What Are High Risk Merchants?

What is a high risk merchant account? High Risk Merchants are specific types of businesses that have a higher than normal chargeback ratio and higher than normal risk of returns or customer sales disputes.

Chargebacks of more than 1% of total monthly sales are usually considered excessive chargebacks by high-risk processors.

In addition to the chargeback potential, the merchant acquiring banks consider an account a High Risk Merchant Account based on the potential for possible legal violations for selling particular types of services or products, financial liability that the bank or processor will incur for processing for the merchant or bad publicity towards the bank for accepting certain types of businesses.

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Which Businesses Are Condsidered High Risk?

* Airline tickets
* Dating services
* Diet programs
* Forex
* Gaming merchants
* Legal escort services
* Online computer sales
* Online auctions and debt services
* Online membership club
* MLM - MultiLevel Marketing
* Network Marketing Companies
* Replica products
* Scolarship programs
* Stock Trading
* Travel agency accounts
* Telemarketing merchants
* Cryptocurrency merchant services

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