Managing Your Money As An Expat Living Abroad

Expat in France

One important aspects of moving abroad is the management of your finances, which includes finding a bank that caters for expats and opening a saving or checking account.

In an article published in Bankrate Barbara Diggs points out that “Going abroad without a financial plan could have disastrous consequences, from failing to find affordable housing to being unable to return home quickly in an emergency.”

She further emphasized that “by failing to take the long view at the outset, you could experience surprising financial complications upon returning to the U.S.”

There are several valuable tips listed in the article to help make the move to another country easier.

In one of the tips she says “Having a healthy savings account is great, but if you don't have an accurate sense of the cost of living in your host country, you might blow through it faster than anticipated.

This is one of the common mistakes a lot of people make even when they go on vacation.

There are seven valuable tips and you should go the to read the full story.
How to manage your money as an Expat