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How To Order Wine
As an expat, I am sure you are aware that the way you do things in your country will be different in your new home country. An example is how to order wine. On her website Comme une Française, Géraldine Lepère delves into the topic with a very interesting video.

She starts by asking “How do you spot a foreigner in a café”? After a short pause, she says, “It’s the one drinking wine.”

She goes on to say “France is the country of wine and you might think that one can drink it at any time of the day, but that’s not true at all.”

Geraldine offers a lot of very important information for expats moving to France.
Whether you are moving to France or Germany or Italy it is wise to learn about the country's culture and customs before you move there.

For the full story from Géraldine Lepère visit her website Comme une Française.
Wine culture for expats

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