Expat and food abroad

Expat Food

So you are, accustomed to your ribs done a certain way. You like a special brand of tomato ketchup, or special herbs and spices, which can only be found in your home country. As an expats you may have to adjust to the way you eat, or how your food taste, maybe!

“We packed up and left Forest Park to start a new life in Europe. As with any such decision, there will be tradeoffs. Things we gain, things we lose, things we discover and of course, things we will miss.” Says John McKillip in an article in his blog Expat Food Chat.

John points out that “Memorable food experiences are certainly something that most Americans will take back from their European experiences, good, bad or indifferent.”

Being an expat does take a little getting used to and John says, “Things are definitely different here and these differences become ingrained in our memories. 

Whether it’s having to pay for Ketchup at McDonalds or the first time walking into a Salumeria in Bologna, Italy and seeing the immaculate glass cases with every variety of cured meat one can imagine, lavishly and beautifully displayed such that despite the fact you weren’t hungry when you wandered in you’re now starving and dying to devour it all.”

For the full story of John and eating food as an expat visit his website Expat Food Chat.

Expat food abroad