Belize Offshore Company Formation And Registration

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Belize International Business Companies Act (as revised in 2000)
International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019


1. Only a minimum of one shareholder, one director, both of whom may be the same person.
2. Belize International Business Companies are not obliged to prepare or file any financial accounts.
3. The shareholder`s or director`s meetings need not be held in the Belize and there is no requirement for a regular Annual General Meeting.
4. There is no requirement of appointing local shareholder(s) and director(s).
5. The directors of a Belize IBC may appoint any officers or agents to represent the Company.

Shares and Capital Requirements
Shares can be issued with or without par value;
A Belize IBC may issue registered shares or bearer shares
The capital of a Belize IBC may be expressed in any currency.
There is no minimum or maximum share capital required.

IBC Taxation
A Belize IBC pays no taxes on its worldwide profits to Belize authorities.

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Offshore Company Providers

Alpha Services Limited
Provider of offshore services including Belize company formation and administration, international business companies, limited life companies, limited partnership, limited liability companies.

A.J.K. Corporate Services (Belize) Ltd
Incorporation and administration of Belize IBCs, and the establishment and administration of Belize Trusts.

AME Consulting Limited
Provides offshore corporate services, including IBC formation and bank account opening assistance.

Apex Trust Corporation Limited
Belize offers corporate and trust services both in the offshore sector and local corporate industry.

Arias Fabrega & Fabrega (Belize) Ltd
Corporate services including company formations.

Arosemena & Diaz Trust (Belize) Ltd
Corporate legal advice regarding the incorporation of Belize International Business Companies (IBC).

Atkins Corporate Services Ltd
Formation of international business companies and trusts.

Atlantic International Corp. Services Ltd
Incorporation of Belize IBC and trust formation.

Belize Offshore Services Ltd
Providers of international financial and corporate services. Also offers Belize company formation, trusts and asset protection, offshore bank accounts and investment services.

Belize Offshore Formation Ltd
Offer services in offshore company (IBC) formations.

Costa Corporate Services Limited (CCSL)
Formation and Management of International Business Companies.

Cititrust international Inc
Specializes in the incorporation of companies under the International Business Companies Act of Belize.

Emanuel Rivera Ltd
Company Incorporation Agent of Belize Companies, Belize IBC's and also to create Belize Trusts and to act as trustees, we are ideally located.

Fidelity Overseas Ltd
Provides offshore company registrations in Belize. Located in Belize City and licenced by the Belize International Financial Services Commission.

Frontier International Business Services Ltd
Provides company formation and administration services for Belize IBC.

GCC Corporate Consultants Group Limited
Corporate Services and Solutions.

Glenn D. Godfrey & Company LLP
Corporate, banking and trust services.

Global Formations and Management Ltd
Corporate services to both english or spanish speaking individuals.

Global Corporate Services Limited
Company incorporation, corporate and administration services.

International Corporate Agents (Belize) Limited
Provides offshore corporate services.

International Corporate Services Ltd
Offers a full range of offshore services. Preparation, registration and management of offshore companies and trusts.

Summit Corporate Services Limited
Services include IBC formation, introduction for offshore bank accounts and corporate searches.

Titoff Realty Ltd
IBC incorporation and bank account opening introduction.

List of Belize Offshore Banks
List of Belize Offshore trust service providers

Background Facts
Belize is located in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, between Guatemala and Mexico.
Its mainland is about 290 kilometres (180 mi) long and 110 kilometres (68 mi) wide.

Population: 327,719 (2012 est.)
Capital: Belmopan
Dialing code: 501
Currency: Belize dollar
Exchange control:
Foreign exchange control exists under the Exchange Control Regulations, Chapter 43 of the Laws of Belize (1980), but all offshore activities are exempted from it.
Government: Parliamentary system, Constitutional monarchy
Official language: English Language
Legal System:
English Common law

Corporate Legislation Acts: (.PDF Downloads)
Belize International Business Companies Act (as revised in 2000).
International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019.